Conscendo Sodalitas

• Hermeticism and Fastidiousness

The Divine Matrix is an unimaginably complex, when analyzed in detail. Easier to the Conscendo frater assimilates broad and general concepts and apply them deductively to the minutiae of Logoic expression. Nothing better to use the hermetic knowledge to achieve conclusions about the micro-and macrocosmic details.

For example, when you want to learn about the universe, just look yourself, the microcosmic universe.

We do not mean the examination of the peculiarities of Logoic Reality is not important, but it is more helpful first to understand the context for after infer more about the details. In this line, it is useful to understand the intricacies of the functioning of the astral body and the corresponding level, which will help a lot in life after death. But this advantage is worth relative to one who can not locate the body and the astral level in its universal context.

Who holds the principles that govern the Logoic Matrix has the ability, by simple intuitive deduction, namely, by itself, without anyone to teach him, about what lies beyond and below his reality.

The fratres who like to track for the minimum attributes of the study object in focus, certainly will obtain valuable data, but be careful because there is a relativity between the valuation obtained by each, and surveys in the very dense levels, especially the Mental above, are subject to an enormous personal psychic interference.

The best way of learning, of consciousness and focal evolving, is based on the intuitive monadic power. Within ourselves lies the Allknowing Master. We should revive and strengthen the ties that puts us in contact with It, through two fundamental principles: sane mind and body.