• The Divine Higher Self

Through the ages of repression and manipulation, the individual left to trust yourself. Began to delegate, mistakenly, their karmic responsibilities to others.

We often hear the expression "God willing," "God help us," "in the name of Jesus," and so on. It is hardly necessary that the Conscendo frater knows that only we can do something for ourselves. No personality or other external influences are capable of saving us from the minimum karmic responsibility.

'Above' the gross physical level there are infinitely many levels, of progressives subtlety and happiness and where lies the wisdom of the Cosmos. In a very subtle level, the paranirvanic or Anupadaka, lies our Monad, our all-knowing body, sitting beside his Father, our dear Logos and His Nobles Ministers.

It is needless the external tireless search, when all the knowledge and power asleep within us. We must dedicate, during the journey, to the awakening of our Monadic senses.

Our Monad is still in an embryonic stage, dormant for lack of stimuli. The way to excite her and receive Her influence is developing our intuition, combined with good intentions and behaviors.

Materialism, selfishness and all the bad feelings, keep us away from Monadic influence, and wel the lack of personal confidence.

We have to stop begging to others, to do things that is entire our responsibility. Nobody will come to make us enlightened people. No one will descend from above to give us what we do not deserve. No one will save us, except ourselves. Is time to act!

Prayer is one of the most useful tools to contact our brothers from other levels and really takes effect in desperate situations. But it has lesser value than people who does, instead of asking, which studies the action and the solution and help himself, instead of begging ...

We should raise our heads, valiant fratres, if they attack us, we have to study the defense, if they denigrate us, we become aware of the correct way to proceed, if they try to invade our homes, equip it with safety devices ...

We are not referring to prayer that takes courage, comfort and healing to the needed frater, because it expresses pure love and is an effective instrument of action and should be practiced and exercised to the fullest.

We should act first. The begging only has place in hopeless cases.

Another sad fact, which we realize, is that the earthly man is not giving importance to individuality, so hard conquered, after countless ages of evolution. A rich Universe is that full of diversity. To be a part of a flock of identicals thoughts and actions minimizes us.

We have no more collectives souls, and individuality is welcome, enabling us to reject wrong group situations such as that our society has adopted. The lords of density, which govern us, do not have interest in our fully individual qualities development; to them, it is necessary that we become part of a despicable, stupid and meek flock, whose life and work is intended only to serve their material interests .

The advice we give is we have develop all our personal qualities, using the full power of our individuality, to our favor and to the others, analyzing the negative attitudes of the fleeing masses, false 'just wars', the wild sensuality, fads and degrading vices that the media imposes on us, the widespread materialism that prevails among us, the lies and thievery of religious priests, who only seek the results of our labor, and sects that incite violence, stupid religions, that preach ignorance instead clarifying and so on.

At one point of the path, the frater will fortify so greatly the link with your Monad, that he will not need even Conscendo Sodalitas to make the veils of Isis fall. Monadic Intuition will guide you always to the right path of reason.