• Third Dimension

The physical level, or the third dimension, is the roughest of the existentials environments. Only at this level, there is physical pain and also where the most primitive desires and intentions can be satisfied and realized.

It is where the clash between material and spiritual occurs in its most acrid form. The vertex of the evolution parabola, the place where opposites put the soul at a crossroad, where it can be approved, ascending to the angelic levels, or failed, condened to restart and reset its whole journey.

Definitely, this is not a resting place. In it, evil prevails and shines with all its pomp, superbly.

It is a mistake to think that true happiness can be achieved at this rough experiential stage.

Certain fratres, from other spiritual currents of thought, make the mistake of placing the development of civilizations in a linear manner, where the technological achievements advance concomitantly with spiritual development.

Certainly, the three-dimensional levelts may contain three types of civilizations: the primitive and the scientifically advanced; the last type can be constituted by kindly characters (spiritual) or evil characters (humanized and attached to the material).

The primitives are, almost without exception, rooted in evil, but has in its favor, the less karmic burden, since the types of individuals within that group were recently individualized and still need life experiences, to opt for the desired path. Most inhabitants of the earth fits here.

The scientific and spiritual tend to live relatively happy in their worlds for a long time, because their materials amenities that give them an excellent quality of life and an almost unlimited longevity. Nevertheless, they are, not rarely, disturbed by the evil opposite polarization civilizations, wich got the same technological level or higher, whether directly or indirectly, when they interfere with friendly orbs or protected levelts.

We realized that, even for this type of population, there is stress that somehow forces them to leave their routines, avoiding stagnation and unipolarization. Therefore, we conclude that the third dimension is not a level of rest but unremitting struggle and toil.

The latter type of beings, referred as scientifically advanced and 'humanised', or attached to the material, we can say they are the true physical dominant. They are pleased with that the level because they are identified with the primal emotions of domination, racial superiority, submission of others, pride and war. Do not aspire spiritual ascension, and therefore, have their actions limited at third and fourth (astral) dimensions. They think themselves superior and hurl them cowards and losers who 'escape' from the wars in the physical level to the subtler dimensions. As there are, for a long time, faithful to these principles, they have developed a superior material technology, and many times, have destroyed or occupied the home levelts of other civilizations.

These types of galactic societies do not aspire anything related to the spiritual. Are satisfied with the third and fourth dimensions, which have free access. 'They are the lords of hell, who refuse servility in heaven". Always devoted to the improvement of its material apparatuses and to establishing levels and goals of domination and expansion of their empire and racial caste. They are cold blooded and do not care about the pain they might cause to other people.

Some kindly races, with remarkable scientific advance, have been subdued or destroyed by beings of this strain and we were told they won the combat, by achieving the multidimensionality. But what they wanted to tell us about it. Multidimensional Capacity is that a being has to express in any of the basic dimensional levels: the physical (material), astral and mental (respectively the third, fourth and fifth dimensions).

Conscendo fratres, it is certain that the man should seek for happiness, but true happiness is not related to the three-dimensional level, where things are wrought by iron and fire and where brute force prevails. To defend ourselves effectively, we should become as bad as the perpetrators of the offenses, which is not feasible. Not that we should not defend ourselves, but the contender who only defends or flees, is certainly doomed to defeat. If we attack the homes of the enemy, we would, in our turn, effecting the same received atrocities, killing innocent women and children. This would lead to spiritual ruin, ending also by making us material fans. That would be the real defeat.

It is true that the physical level belongs to the material fans, but one day, even these people will yield to the irrevocable law of evolution and will flight to spirituality. This is the real victory that we could achieve.

The winning side is undoubtedly the goodness side, where harmony reigns, peace, trust, friendship and love. Our victory is not subjugate them materially, but to enlighten them about the illusory character of the physical level, bringing them to light. This way, we really will turn better the third dimension.

About us, awakening to the beneficent multidimensionality, which is only possible with knowledge, allied to virtue and action, will help us a lot in the process of easing our suffering. The full activation of our chakras will open the way for this release and the angelic line of evolution, where there is no more pain and ignorance and where we will not be separated, even for a second, from our evolutionary family.

When the good rise, a few will remain,,

Beloved orphans brothers, suffered, desperate, abandoned ...

We mourn for you, without being able to assist you,

In the hell they have created, will be father against son, brother against brother ...

Until, tired of the war, they stop the beating of their drums,

Falling asleep in the intoxicant Pralaya, to not wake up no more.