Our understanding of the infinite universe is limited by its complexity, especially when we begin from the details trying to reach broad conclusions. The best way to understand it is summarize it on simple principles, that can be applied to the whole.

Nobody did it better than Hermes Trismegistus. In fact, the term Hermes Trismegistus refers to a group of initiated and not to a single person. The hermetic group started to produce a series of writings volumes, once stored in the Alexandria library, approaching several topics, among which included agriculture, geology, botany, astronomy, astrology, mathematics, architecture, medicine, politics, philosophy, theosophy and priestcraft.

The most important theosophical and enlightening texts survived through the ages, under the titles of Corpus Hermeticum and the Emerald Tablet. Later in the nineteenth century, three initiated created a summary of the Hermetic laws in a book titled Caibalion (a Greek word that has the same meaning of the Hebrew Kabbalah, or "reception").

The Hermeticism has formed the basis of many esoteric societies and Caibalion defines very important principles which alone can lead to enlightenment, anyone of reasonable knowledge, that decides persistently meditating on them.

The first principle, the 'Principle of Mentality', states that the universe is purely mental: "All is Mind, the Universe is mental." Any artifact in any of the existential levels, must first be thought, to be materialized after. A shovel, a hammer, a level owe their existences to the thoughts of their respective creators. The Frater may ask that the nature of worlds were not created by anyone, arose spontaneously, following the principle of natural evolution. It is important to know that everything in the universe, even ourselves, without exception, comes from the mind of some Being. The Devas, the planetary Logos, the Solar Logos, and so on, through your thoughts, form an infinite chain of mind which is the maintaining force of all that exists. If the thought of those Divine Minds extinguish, our reality will be dissolving instantly. All evolutionary journey aims to develop our creative mental power. Just one more thing, an add of fundamental importance, must be mentioned here, the mind is nothing without the impulse, without the will, without the verb, everything that exists, therefore, is the result of the maximum duo: will / mind.

With the second principle, the 'Principle of Correspondence', we can deduce anything about the Universal Logoic Expression. This enunciation presents us with a maximum that enlightens and clarifies, raising much of the 'Veil of Isis'. It says: "As above, so it is below, As below, so it is above." The microcosm and macrocosm are equals. The solar system is a larger molecule. The laws that govern the molecular dynamics are the same for the stars systems. Our body is a miniaturized universe. To see the whole, look at the mirror.

The third principle, called 'Principle of Vibration' states that "Nothing is immobile, everything moves, everything vibrates." From the smallest subatomic particle, and even smaller particles, also the unimaginable and infinite universes, in any of the consciousness levels, the vibration is present, inherent to creation. What apparently is static, in reality, is full of impulse and vibration.

The fourth principle, 'Principle of Polarities', says: "Everything is dual, everything has two poles, everything has its opposite. The equal and the unequal are the same. The extremes meet itselves. All truths are half-truths. All paradoxes can be reconciled." The existence of light depends on the coexistence of its counterpart, the dark. The Uno is inexpressive without binarization. The good exists due to evil. Understanding this apparent paradox is the key to awakening our latent creative power. We must be a chess master, who sees the game up, coolly anticipating the moves on a board, where good and evil are the ways which the soul experiences feelings in order to evolve. Good and evil are part of a context, necessary for the evolutionary journey.

The fifth principle is 'Principle of Rhythm' and explains: "Everything has its flux and its reflux, everything has its tides, all rises and falls, the rhythm is the compensation." After every storm comes the calm, and vice versa. The inspiration is preceded by expiration. From the destruction arises a new creation. They are the endless cycles of existence.

The 'Law of Gender', is the sixth principle and states that "Gender is in everything: everything has its Masculine and its Feminine principles, gender manifests on all levels of creation." This principle confuses, not without reason, with the fourth principle. All creative forces are polarized and hermaphroditic in their essence. The thought that creates, the being that is originated from, both are dependent of the causal principles male and female. The One God contains in itself both genders.

The seventh principle is the most known, it was adopted as a flag by the most spiritual tendencies, it is the 'Law of Cause and Effect' or 'Law of Karma'. Explain that "Every cause has its effect, every effect has its cause, there are many causal levels but none escapes from the Law." Like a person who hits the wall with his hand and has his hand injured by the opposed wall effect, the evil practitioner must also be prepared to receive it, as a result. The practice of goodness has the effect of generating good positive karma, harmonizing the environment. Watch constantly, controls what you say, what you want, what you think ...