Conscendo Sodalitas

• Incomprehensible Masters

There are Older Beings, which were individualized for much longer than the current humanity. They are evolutionarily forward, even when compared to advanced beings from other constellations of the Milky Way.

These Ascended Beings, so-called 'Masters of Wisdom', 'Adepts' and also known by many other names, They are no longer in the human evolutionary segment, but in the superhuman segment, the angelic line. These Supermen are endowed with all wisdom relevant to our solar system; for Them there is no longer errors or secrets.

Some of Them have immortal physical bodies. We will spend later, multiple threads, where we will discuss more deeply this so interesting subject.

The first 'Conscendo Sodalitas' principle says his members do not seek fervently for the 'Masters', even if the intention is altruistic progress. We must be aware of the existence of beings who, despite the extreme intellective advance, have no good intentions and are dedicated to the evil. They act like lambs, attracting the poor victims to his lair. The damage to be involved with such personalities tend to be immeasurable and sometimes irreversible. Knowing this, Conscendo counsels wit and patience, to avoid such a calamitous situation. We all have an inner self, oni-wise and omnipotent, 'sitting' next to the Father, our Creator Logos, who is our Holy Monad. With the development of intuitive sense, held by good intentions, combined with the knowledge and virtue, the communication between our ego (soul) and our Monad (spirit) becomes progressively stronger and from Her we could learn everything that is productive for the Path.

And about the Genuine Masters, They will seek us out when we were ready and He will prove who They are in higher levels of consciousness, where evil can not reach and where we could assess the qualities of Their magnificent Auras. Do not expect a visit of Supreme Beings, a discipleship often develops at higher levels, with no physical brain perception. In a few cases this contact occurs in the gross three-dimensional level.

One of the characteristics that these High Spirits awaken in us, is the total inability to understand Them. They are not bound to linear time, and perceive the past, present, future as same things, as well the parallel universes; all belonging to one great level, outlined by the Logos.

They see the Creator outlined path, from above, and observe it like a chess master, wising and all the possibilities of resulting parallel universes. For this reason, They take incomprehensible actions.

Our Lord Buddha left his family, including wife and children, for a long time, to devote finding the truth about existence. A gesture like that would suggest selfishness of this Great Being. Some people says that Lord Buddha sees far ahead, and chose to deprive the family of his company, generating a few seconds of suffering for an eternity of happiness for all. It is still difficult for us to understand such acts.

The Magnanimous Master Maytreya, in the body of the young Lord Jesus, urged all the disciples to follow Him, leaving their families and possessions. He preached nonviolence, but has attacked the sellers from the Temple of Solomon. He have used himself expensive essences which, according to His principles, should be exchanged for goods that would serve to help others. Lazarus was resurrected because he was his parent, while hundreds of deads, who were not lucky enough to meet Him, layed in the near graves for the eternity. Exlevelations were given for all these acts, but had to be forcibly swallowed as logical actions, under the pressure of weak religious rhetoric.

An attempt to understand Them can even lead to discouragement and melancholy, delaying our spiritual progress. Do not try to interpret Their actions, nor even try to imitate Them in Their incomprehensible ways of acting. A right action in some situation, can produce disastrous results in others. Let us focus on our intuition and our unwavering desire of progress and we will reach the right and truth path.