Conscendo Sodalitas

• About 2012 (08/2011 - subject to periodic updates)

It is possible predicting the future, but is very difficult to do it. The temporal integration, with the loss of linearity, only happens when we raise our focal consciousness to the Buddhic level, the fourth of our levels, above the physical. The evaluation of future events, bellow the mental level, is questionable and subject to gross failures.

Even the very few ones, related to human evolution on earth, who can soberly raise his consciousness to such a high level (the Buddhic) have insurmountable difficulties to bring, in its entirety and without distortions, their observations to the physical level, which inevitably will make them useless. The satire contained in these rules is that the vision of future events is possible, but only in the Buddhic level, being restricted to this level, resembles a treasure that can be found, but that can not be brought.

In addition, there are other factors that can change the karmic destiny of a humanity. Here fits mainly the action of the Karmic Devas, Beings of the highest evolutionary scale, that can change the course of events, diverting them to the possible parallel universes.

In practice, safely predict is physically impossible.

There is another type of apparent 'prophecy', that can really be done in the physical level, that aided by technology and by the knowledge of the repetitive cycles. Like a person who stands on the top of a hill and predicts a car accident on a winding track single-pass, between two speeding cars that travel in opposite directions.

Much has been said and speculated about 2012. Conscendo also worries about that date and has used all intuitive means, to assess the future situation, coming to a conclusion. We hope that we still have time to prepare, because we conclude that the time has come.

The Mayans predicted this situation over the millennia. How could they reach such a claim. The answer lies in the cycles. The solar cycles are perfectly predictable, because they happen at regular periods of time as well as the orbits of heavenly bodies. Just what the Mayans did, because they were equipped with advanced astronomical knowledge, developed during periods of ancient Atlantis, with the help of brothers from other planetary spheres. To be more specific, the 2012 Maya knowledge, was achieved with the aid of extra-terrestrial beings.

In addition, countless esoteric currents, such as Gnosticism and The Kardecist Spiritism, and numerous other Eastern doctrines, are consistent in affirming the existence of a long orbit celestial body that periodically enters our inner solar system. This celestial body is known by several names as Nibiru, Marduk, Nemesis, planet X, etc. The result of this periodic visit is usually catastrophic for the Earth, with massive tsunamis, unrivaled earthquakes, volcanic eruptions of great magnitude, resulting in a phenomenon known as evolutionary bottleneck where many species are extinct or are on the verge of it.

The coincidence of the claims of the existence of celestial intruder made by the most diverse, distinct and unrelated spiritual tendencies must be respected and considered.

The governments of almost homelands, mainly in developed countries, know about the future, as its advanced technologies have detected the inevitable events. These technologies are not used for the people benefit, instead they are stored selfishly for the earthly 'elite'. They do not warn the population, about the catastrophic events, for two reasons: first because they have no resources to protect and feed the entire population and they only would create social planet chaos. Second, some domes government are against the overpopulation of today and want to reduce it to a number they find acceptable, about 20% of the current, as stated in a report of the Club of Rome.

Conscendo Sodalitas knows and have evidences that many governments are building huge underground bunkers to protect themselves. They have stocked amounts of more than five hundred thousand species of agricultural seeds in a large building, located underground in the mountains of the Arctic island of Spitsbergen, Norway, the 'Svalbard Global Seed Vault' biological file. Other numerous U.S. bunkers have already been exposed by the media and confirmed by the government.

Conscendo Sodalitas does not judge himself the possessor of absolute truths. For this reason, the thoughts we will expose here are subject to variations arising the interference of the many personal and environment factors which influence our reserches. But our purpose is totally unselfish and as claim a simple and correct saying: 'The prevention is better than the remedy', especially when the drug may be unavailable.

According to our inferences, the calamitous events will begin with a global scale blackout, caused by a large solar flare, which will destroy all or most of the power grid of the planet. Without power, the taps will dry and there will be food shortages. The grocery trade will be all closed, because the monetary system is managed by computers and its databases, which will be inoperative.

While the hungry population will be looting these establishments, the people will drink the rivers water, until happens the worst. A huge celestial body, which can be a brown dwarf star and its retinue of levelts or a long orbit planet. Brown dwarfs have, on average, 15 to 80 times Jupiter's mass, a body of this magnitude probably would cause the total destruction of the population on earth, therefore, some argue that the intruder body will be a hot core planet, with an elongated orbit and mass similar to Jupiter. This object will pass through our solar system between Mars and Jupiter. In addition to the Earth gravitational perturbation, which will affect the whole dynamic of the tides, will greatly influence the asteroid belt, flinging a plethora of bodies to the inner solar system. Some of them, inevitably, will hit the Earth, causing major meteor showers on the planet.

This will be the worst part, when most deaths will ensue. Those who survive the hail of meteors and the ensuing mega eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis, will have no more water from rivers, which will now be unhealthy, mixing with the fallout of volcanic components. An icy winter will install, even after the departure of these intruders celestial bodies.

Since the fall of meteors is random, not even the earthly elite will be safe, because a direct hit could destroy their super-fortified bunkers. Some people predict that such a castaclismic event could eliminate the entire human population of the earth's surface; other ones predict the elimination of only 2/3 of these humans.

We have not ventured to suggest the precise extension of the destruction that we will succeed, nor how long the shortage will last.

To the beloved fratres and the people on earth we can only warn calm, confidence and hope. Life is eternal and, whatever our destiny, we will continue the journey. We advise those who are concerned with the family, storing water and canned goods, to supply yourselves, if they survive disasters.

For those who do not believe in the predictions, do the same. If, by chance, the events do not occur, they could laugh at themselves, for their excessive preciousness, but they will have a clear conscience of having done everything for their beloved and for themselves. Prepare yourself, because then there will be no remedy.

The time is now, since facts predicted do not always occur on time, sometimes they occur in advance.

On the other hand, some passages occurred after the prophesied date, so please dear fratres, keep your stocks for a few more years, if the events expected to 2012 delays.

Such uncertainties, in relation to a precise date for the intrusion of this body in our system, arise from a possible inaccuracy in the adjustment of the Mayan calendar to our current Gregorian calendar which, according to technical reports, could lead to errors of up to 50 years around the central date of 2012.

With sincere ascension desires,

Conscendo Sodalitas