Conscendo Sodalitas Pentagram

Here we shall present the common concepts of all mystical currents.

The Pentagram is an occult symbol, universally known to be gifted with great power. It is also known as Esoteric Pentagram, Gnostic Pentalpha or Blazing Star.

The Pentagram with one corner up represents the supremacy of the spirit over the elementals, of the spirit over the material, of will over desire.

It can be used as a symbol of defense and protection (one corner up and with a circle around) but can also be used as a mean of attack, when the pentagram is placed with one of his corners down. But the wearer has to know that everything he produces, returns multiplied to him; who does goodness receives goodness, but who does evil, receives exponentially it back, so we have to be careful.

The physical Pentagram, adequately magnetized, produces a powerful mental and astral counterpart of tremendous energy, which has the ability to fend off the creatures which are not attuned to it. The Pentagram of Defense effectively removes evil attuned spirits, while the attack pentagram attracts them.

Below is the significance of the corners of a pentagram.

Pentagram and the elements

The Positive Pentagram must be flanked by a circle which expresses the sole purpose of defense.

The Complete Conscendo Sodalitas Pentagram

When we ritually manipulate the Pentagram, we deal with pure magic, which can be directed to defense (goodness) or attack (evil). In these rituals we use the energy of the nature elemental beings, which are creatures composed of pure energy. Using the Pentagram, we can command the elements that populate the regions of fire, air, water and earth, for specified purposes.

The Positive Pentagram, as well as its protective energy, are well known by the elemental phalanges, which avoid or flee in terror when faced with a local protected by this symbol, since its positive elements protectors have the power to neutralize, freeze and even dissolve negative elemental energies, and can hold and send to the tube of light, disembodied spiritual beings, willingly them or not.

When manipulating the pentagramatic energies negatively, it is vitally important to know that it generates much negative karma since, moreover directing harmful energies to the achieved person, also exerts evil influences over the pure nature beings, which also have their evolutionary line, and are very much injured by such actions.