Releasing the Ego

• Releasing the Ego

The physical sensations, the astral emotions, and the concrete mental thinking, undeniably, are essential to the development of the spirit, but at some point of the path, become an obstacle to progress.

Our spiritual triad will be always retained by the karma of the lower triad, while the link with concrete forms concepts persists and while we continue to be settled in the emotions, linked to the lower chakras.

The changing times has come, when it will separate the wheat from the chaff. Or our beloved Earth will be a stage to the material fans or to the spiritual fans. Either way, the separation will occur, since those who want to progress are being greatly hampered by those who oppose to what is right and inevitable. Even if the Earth becomes a stage for supporters of the delay, the opposite beings will be transferred to other more advanced worlds; the opposite may also occur.

In this moment, some of us are already prepared to work in the release of the ego, in the release from all karma that may have been accumulated over the ages, winning independence of the reincarnation cycles. Those unable to do evil intentionally and willfully and those who wholeheartedly want to make progress are able to work on this front line of humanity.

The release of the ego begins by replacing the concrete concepts by the abstract concepts, by the imposition of the causal mind over the concrete mind, by overcoming the "I am" over the "who I am."

The concrete mind is extremely important for the acquisition of knowledge and for the analysis of what is right and what is wrong, but at some point, impairs the release of our self, our higher triad. Let me explain:

Every positive experience, in the field of emotions or in the field of intellectual knowledge, is transferred to the causal body, irreversibly, becoming a part of the "true self". Thus, it becomes unnecessary to think concretely in details or in each step, when it aims to achieve a goal. Only thinking abstractly we will be able to really evolve.

We should not avoid thinking bad things of someone after analyze acting this way we will generate karma for ourselves and our loved ones. The ego already knows this. Thus, we must not desire evil things to someone instantly and automatically, because we know all the evil that it causes, our "I am" is already incapable of such an act, without having to use the details of the concrete mind.

Most of us, when making a prayer, wish health to the intended destination, protection, etc.. This form of making a prayer has its effectiveness, but is limited by the concrete details. The prayer made with the ego, abstractly, by contrast, is complete, because our ego expresses all our desires, without the faults that can occur when one turns to the minutiae of the concrete mind.

Thus, the prayer addressed to someone, made with our inner self, just directing all good feelings and desires, as a one, without thinking in details, with sincere love and sovereign imposing the will inside, has a vastly superior efficacy .

The prayer was just one example, but it is applicable in all situations. Practice the goodness not because of this or because of that, but because our "I am" is already unable to proceed differently. Thinking too much hinders the development of the ego, as the athlete who, instead of playing efficiently, with what he already knows, prejudice himself using the details of the concrete mind, much slower than the abstract mind.

The abstraction fills our causal body of color and brightness. Evil is never expressed in the causal body. The bad guy has an empty, colorless and dull causal body.

The development of the causal body occurs concomitantly with activation of higher chakras, freeing ourselves of karma, reincarnation cycles, suffering, and preparing us for the new age of Aquarius.

Sincere rise wishes.