Dear Frater,

We are a group of individuals, attuned to the good, agreed on a single objective, to accelerate the evolution of all who seek it, using the safest means, the sacred intuition, the direct connection with our "Higher Self" and , consequently, with the "Primary Source".
Conscendo and Sodalitas are Latin words. Conscendo means to ascend and Sodalitas, society.

Our principles:

• We are not Masters, nor are we looking for them.
• We don't have temples or meeting rooms in the third density.
• Our members remain anonymous.
• We do not ask for nor accept donations of any kind.
• We study constantly, persistently, tirelessly and deeply.
• We keep an open mind and develop critical thinking.
• We keep quiet, but we never lie.
• We try to discover the most hidden universal truths.
• Only Goodness is instrument of evolution for the members of Conscendo Sodalitas.
• Some of our concepts (not the principles) are subject to improvement.

In search of consciencial sobriety

Conscendo walks in new directions, in a minimalist and objective trend.

New times always demand new thoughts and attitudes, far from the archaisms of the past.

We have entered a new dimension, an environment in which everything is clarified, where the truth is shown to anyone who wants to see it.

The brothers who took the red pill and entered a new universe, will take it again, in this other reality, going deeper, approaching the Original Source, located on the highest step of the infinite ladder.

The pure truth, in its essence, is inaccessible, because it is veiled by infinite realities, intrinsically contained in each other. What we mean is that the current environment, in which we exist, is a matrix created by beings of great evolution, in which our spiritual substrates are trapped and, when we reach this 'new reality' and reach the level of the source that created it, we will realize that even this new higher existence level is part of another matrix, created by beings even more advanced. And so on, infinitely.

In essence, Conscendo will never change, as we are unconditional supporters of goodness, without masks and without doubts; Naturally, we do good things, without expecting anything in return, just because we know it's right. The Conscendo brother is incorruptible.

With our intuition, the main focus of all the brothers, we will know if the path is right.

Fraternal hugs.


Supplication for Gaia

We, brothers of Conscendo, feel compelled to express our desires with the concrete mental and detail what the causal begs for in its abstract purity...(to be continued)


For millennia, very important and essential truths have been hidden from humanity. A humanity suffered, conditioned and hypnotized by false values...(to be continued)

Conscendo Planet

There is, at that very moment, a planet waiting for us, a future world, already shaped and created by the Logos mental power, which is just not accessible to us, because...(to be continued)