Conscendo Sodalitas

No society wants you to be wise

This goes against the foundation of all societies

If people are wise, they can not be exploited

If they are smart, they can not be manipulated

They can not be forced to live mechanically,

to live like robots

The wise seek their individuality

They sprinkle around them, the smell of rebellion

They love to live in freedom

And freedom comes with wisdom

And no society wants you to be free

Communist society, fascist, capitalist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian ...

No society

Because by the time they begin to use their own intelligence, they become dangerous

Dangerous to the system

Dangerous to the people who are in power

Dangerous to the installed wise

Dangerous to all kinds of oppression, exploitation and suppression

Dangerous to the churches

Dangerous to the states

Dangerous to the nations

In fact, a man and a wise woman are like a living fire

As Avatars

Who can not sell their lifes

Who can not be subservient

Who would rather die than become a slave

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